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Wed Dec 10 19:03:27 EST 2003


Mostly when I see reviewers referring to hordes of fans, it's quite
negative--as though only hack fiction elicits such a huge response, and true
quality fiction is appreciated only by the select few.  There *should* be
hordes of fans for the greatest literature, though.  I blame English
teachers.  :)

Hmm good point - I didn't think of that.  Err, I mean when reviewers do that 
condescending equation of popularity with lack of quality.  I'm afraid to 
touch the topic of what really constitutes quality fiction, but I will say 
that it often seems to me that when I am browsing the books packaged as 
'quality fiction,' I am often overcome with a strange torpor and deep-seated 
reluctance to to read further.

Hi to you too!  Every time I see you as "mecha godscylla" it reads as
Godzilla, so there's more stampeding imagery for haven't been
terrorizing Tokyo lately, have you?


My sister used to say that playing Godzilla would be the best job - stomp 
around in a monster suit destroying model cities and roaring.  Does it get 
any better than that?  Can you really ever have a 'bad' day at work?

But the genesis of my hotmail address had to do with inventing a persona, 
and a hotmail address, on the spot when a nosy publication wanted details 
before allowing me to subscribe.  I'm sure in an alternate universe perhaps 
I really am a 12 year old boy with an interest in the NY Times Style section 
and stories on white collar crime....


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