reviews (but not of MC)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Dec 10 17:24:35 EST 2003

> In fact, I'm now feeling a bit pressed to
> think of many books for a non-adult reader-
> ship that *do* go in for God as opposed to
> gods, at least in the fantasy/magic area.
> Apart from C.S. Lewis, it seems you can have
> magic or you can have God but mostly you
> won't get both.
> (Apart from *The Little White Horse*, which
> is based in a Christian sort-of-historical
> England, so I'm not sure it counts...)

I'm pretty sure Earthsea had a creator too, though I forget the name - he
was another of these types who spoke Words of Creation and then left the
universe to get on with it. (Actually, he's probably down the pub with Eru.)


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