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Chris R sfa_ok2001 at
Wed Dec 10 16:41:04 EST 2003

 Jon wrote:
> >I would disagree with the statement
> >that Tolkien doesn't give his world a God.
> So would Tolkien, at a guess!  The first
> sentence of the Silmarillion might be a bit
> of a giveaway on the subject, I would have
> thought.
> But perhaps anyone who makes such a strange
> claim hasn't read the Silmarillion.
> Oh dear.  What a pity.

He doesn't go in much for organised religion, though,
so someone who'd read only the Lord of the Rings might
be forgiven for thinking Eru had created the world,
then just wandered off. Before he got around to
thinking up any lists of laws, even. :) The reviewer's
point might stand if he said that Tolkien didn't give
his world an active or present God, or an organised


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