review of Merlin Conspiracy

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Wed Dec 10 06:25:32 EST 2003

Sallyo wrote:

>but I think it made me realize that I still expect to
>> be in an elite minority when it comes to appreciating DWJ.  As if nobody
>> us chickens here reads her stuff....
>That's because people don't *talk* about her very loudly. There must be
>quite a few fans about though, otherwsie her publishers wouldn't have kept
>her on.

Kept her on?  They *fight* over her!  Have you noticed that the backlist
isn't with the same people as its original publishers?

She's in the happy position, after having been at the mercy of arbitrary
editors for most of her working life, of being able to choose who she works
with, in this country at least.  It makes her life much more pleasant.



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