Mythopoeic awards (was Re: review of Merlin Conspiracy)

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Wed Dec 10 06:25:30 EST 2003

Melissa wrote:

>I have been tinkering with my book database, adding awards and nominations,
>and was surprised at how many DWJ titles had come up for the Mythopoeic
>award.  Granted, I know very little about it, so I probably shouldn't have
>been surprised--and certainly the quality of her work is such that it
>deserves recognition--but I think it made me realize that I still expect to
>be in an elite minority when it comes to appreciating DWJ.  As if nobody but
>us chickens here reads her stuff....

If this Award is the one for which you get a scale model of one of the
stone lions that sit and guard a library (which one?  New York?  I don't
know, I'm sorry) then its organisers won DWJ's heart when she got her
second one by asking her which way the first one she had won was facing, so
that sho could have one facing the other way for the second and they could
sit at either end of her mantelpiece looking very swoosh.


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