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Mon Dec 8 20:29:58 EST 2003

I'd also had Jennifer Cruisie recommended to me, but disliked the first one I tried (I think it 
was "Tell me lies"). It seemed fairly run-of-the-mill romance to me. However, I just read "Faking 
it" and thought it was much funnier and unusual. Definitely a Guilty Pleasure. 

Another chick-lit (although I must say I know men that read this genre) author I thought was 
funny was Laurie Levine. I've read only one book by her (I think it's her first) called "This pen 
for hire" - I was laughing aloud in parts, which is never a bad sign. A good book for when 
everything else in your life is serious and gloomy!

Quoting Devra at

>         Lois Bujold (at a con) recommended Jennifer Cruise's books, so I gave
> it a try.  She writes FUNNY stuff, with a lot of steamy sex scenes that I 
> usually far only one of her books hasn't had a cute dog in it. 
> There's 
> the one with a long-haired brown dachshund that they disguise by giving it a
> clip and a dye job...  Well, give them a try...they might be a Guilty
> Pleasure 
> (OMT)
>      Devra
> Devra Langsam
> devra at

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