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Mon Dec 8 17:42:21 EST 2003

The Knowledge Pika claimed:

>Oh. I haven't got the book in hand, and I must have mixed up Tuesday and
>Monday. It might have been Mondays, then, not tuesdays.

I blamed it on the village primary school teaching the local children how
to turn each other into sheep, for some reason.

>> I'm just confused again.  No matter; it's quite a usual condition for me at
>> this time of year.
>Nope, it's me that's confused.

I was confused *first*!


<swims round in a small circle chanting "I was, I was, I was, I was," and
eventually gets dizzy and bangs against a rock>

<lies stunned in waterweed>

On regaining consciousness: in answer to the first question, yes, I can see
a similarity between the Armitage stories and DWJ's work.  Am I meant now
to say what I think it is, or should I leave a large spoiler space, or


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