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Mon Dec 8 17:00:20 EST 2003

> Thanks, Chris! Gosh, Ancient Greek is really quite easy, isn't it? 
> Don't
> know why those classicists make such a fuss about it... :-)
> Charlie

Classical Yob Greek, anyway *^.^*
I once made a 'translation' on another sheet of paper (with the help of 
a computer font that used the Greek characters) and tucked it into my 
library copy of 'The Ogre Downstairs' before returning it, so the next 
reader could benefit from my discovery.

> Ever read the Introduction to Walter de la Mare's anthology *Come 
> Hither*,
> with its story of Nahum Tarune's adventures in the house of Thrae? It's
> great, but I've a feeling you'd see through the allegory a tad too 
> soon.
> Hey - you don't suppose Harry is really short for Harriet? That 
> *would* be a
> twist for the final book - and
> explain why he seems so drawn to the girls' toilets in *The Chamber of
> Secrets*.
> Charlie (now getting on with his work - promise)

Perhaps, like Princess Ozma, Harriet was turned into Harry as a means 
of disguising/protecting her? *snicker*
I actually had an idea for a story once that was not a million miles 
from this, but held back from doing anything with it because writing 
Potterfic would be anathema to my soul. Foolishly I mentioned an 
outline of the idea on one of my webpages and someone else who couldn't 
spell started writing the story badly, with clumsy attempts at humour, 
on fanfiction.net. Bah! Gah! Doh!
The best part was that she 'acknowledged' my origination by writing 'I 
got the idea for this on some webpage I don't remember where.' She felt 
this was a sufficient sop that I had no right to be indignant at her 
flagrant story-pinching. I only found out about it at all because an 
altruistic third party figured out the connection and tipped me off.

E you later,
(the artist formerly known as Sarah-neko)

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