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I wrote:

>> I have never been sure which of Aiken's stories are in which collection

and the Knowledge Pika replies:

>All the short stories in _Armitage, Armitage, Fly Away Home_ are united by
>being about the Armitages. Mrs. Armitage found a wishing stone on her
>honeymoon, and among other things wished that something exciting would
>happen on Tuesdays, though not every Tuesday and not always on Tuesday.
>It's considerably less dark than Aiken's other short story collections
>(people generally get disappointed rather than traumatized...)
>Does that help?

Up to a point.  I think I may never have read all the stories you are
thinking of (certainly I never read anything about Mrs. A's honeymoon);
I've read Armitage stories that are in other collections such as *All But A
Few*, and the story "Yes, But Today Is Tuesday" in that goes rather against
the honeymoon one, because they were allowed to do magic *every* Monday so
long as they cleared it away before Tuesday morning, as far as I remember.

Still, maybe Mrs. A had forgotten about her Tuesday wish by the time the
children were old enough to have a charging dromedary in the house on a

A story called "Armitage, Armitage, Fly Away Home" is in *All But A Few*.

I'm just confused again.  No matter; it's quite a usual condition for me at
this time of year.


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