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> >By the way, has anyone noticed a similarity between DWJ's short stories
> >and the short stories in Joan Aiken's _Armitage, Armitage, Fly Away Home_?
> I have never been sure which of Aiken's stories are in which collection
> under what title, because every time I look it seems to be different --
> they kept on being reissued in different combinations, is how it seems
> to me, though I might be simply confused. Could you throw a few
> story-titles, rather than the name of the anthology, or would that be a
> spoiler for what you are trying to do here?

All the short stories in _Armitage, Armitage, Fly Away Home_ are united by
being about the Armitages. Mrs. Armitage found a wishing stone on her
honeymoon, and among other things wished that something exciting would
happen on Tuesdays, though not every Tuesday and not always on Tuesday.
It's considerably less dark than Aiken's other short story collections
(people generally get disappointed rather than traumatized...)

Does that help?

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