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Mon Dec 8 05:46:23 EST 2003

Robyn wrote:
> There was a reasonably favourable, quite long review of MC in 
> the Globe and 
> Mail this weekend.

> It goes on:
> "Roddy and Nick are put through the paces of magical transformation so 
> quickly they become paper thin. Roddy is overbearing and brave - Nick is 
> handsome. We know they are attracted to each other because Wynne Jones 
> tells us so. Like all good conspiracy, subtlety is fast sacrificed for the 
> intricacies of plot."

> Now is it just me, or is this a misreading of the so-called attraction? I 
> thought Nick was clearly attracted to Roddy, but not because I was told so.
> Plus, I thought Roddy was not equally attracted to Nick. I wonder about 
> Nick's standout characteristic being "handsome"; I thought if one were to 
> be reductive, one would go with "selfish".

I have the impression that we're told Nick is attracted- if it's showing, it must be pretty blatant, bacause I easily miss subtle signs. When he sees her on the path, doesn't he instantly think "Wow!"? 
I didn't think Roddy was attracted to Nick at all the whole way through.

Isn't it nice to have a reviewer categorise the female by actions and the male by looks for once? :P
I think the selfishness isn't so much in evidence in MC as it was in DS- he may be just as self-centred as ever, but someone who hadn't read DS probably wouldn't see it as his primary characteristic- I might go with "bumbling" until about 3/4 of the way through!

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