review of Merlin Conspiracy

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at
Mon Dec 8 02:48:45 EST 2003

>Now is it just me, or is this a misreading of the so-called attraction? I 
>thought Nick was clearly attracted to Roddy, but not because I was told so. 
>Plus, I thought Roddy was not equally attracted to Nick. I wonder about 
>Nick's standout characteristic being "handsome"; I thought if one were to 
>be reductive, one would go with "selfish".

So would I, but then I have read Deep Secret and that might make a 
difference – Nick is drawn very clearly in that book. We could be "carrying 
over" characterisation that isn't clear to someon who meets Nick for the 
first time. (I didn't quite understand Roddy and in fact found her vaguely 

As for the attraction, I'm with you. Nick is a lot more attracted to Roddy 
than vice versa. Perhaps the reviewer reads it as two-sided because 
conventionally, it *should* be two-sided, and she can't grasp that DWJ 
wouldn't write it that way.


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