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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Dec 7 16:54:29 EST 2003


>This is true.  Hallie does not, to my knowledge, read chick-lit for

Yeah well, come on, we don't any of us read any books for *pleasure*, 
do we?   :-)

I doubt we're likely to get into the kind of sticky areas while 
talking chick-lit we entered over definitions of urban fantasy (just 
saw 'fae-punk' or something like that as an alternative, which I 
quite liked), so I can throw out names of authors I read with great 
pleasure, like Janet Evanovich and Sarah Bird.  JE could be 
classified as mystery, but I don't think I'd seriously try it, and 
Sarah Bird's _The Boyfriend School_ has got to be chick-lit, right? 
Possibly pre-dating the term, but recently re-published -yay!

>  > And now said author would be the 'more prestigious' in most
>>  comparisons, I'd bet, being on her third bestseller.
>Dunno about that; Patricia Scanlan has more bestsellers than that under her
>belt, has not stopped writing (AFAIK), and is a much better writer.

I only said 'most' comparisons (and said nothing about writing 
ability) - don't think they'd shuffle Maeve Binchy into second place 
in her favour either!

>  > And if anyone wants pain, I'll inflict an Irish chick-lit book on
>>  him/her/them which (from the 3 or so pages I read, at least) will
>>  make the one Dorian describes seem like the height of literary
>>  fiction!  (Bought at Oxfam in a very feeble-minded moment, for
>>  BookCrossing.)
>The mind boggles!  I think you'd better lend it to me!

You got it!  And may you get much pleasure from splendid bits of 
dialogue like this: 'A few of us haff been putting away, Eileen.  Not 
much, just a few pennies every week - dat what wheef saved from your 
Gloria being cheaper dan anyone else.'  (From the hearts-of-gold 
women of  'De Flats', aka Ballymun); and: 'Door-ling - Gloor-ia may 
be from the rawng side of the tracks - but just look whort she did 
with my high-lights!' (big shock here - from the 'Foxrock-Fanny set' 
who are all - gasp - 'terrible snobs' - *so* glad that was explained, 
as everyone would doubtless be unable to guess that from the dialogue 


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