Improving with Practice

Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Sun Dec 7 15:39:05 EST 2003

Sallyo said...

> > Oh, indeed.  Much gratitude there.  And after all, her writing may have
> > improved with practice.  This often happens.
> And glad I am to find someone who admits it! With just about any other
> most people would agree with you (and me), but if you write too much you
> branded with "prolific".

Heh.  Note I did say "often", not "always". :-)  Some writers seem to become
careless as they go on.

At least writing is a skill that does not entail the practitioner's making
awful noises as he or she practices it.  (Well, not usually.)  Unlike, say,
violin practice; I always wince over Howard and his violin in "Archer's
Goon".  He is obviously inflicting perfectly frightful noises on the rest of
the family.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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"[My rule] for keeping my temper in order, is never to leave it too long
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