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Sat Dec 6 13:19:36 EST 2003

>I'm so glad to read all this, it happens in my wife's
>family all the time, from my wife, her sister and her
>mother, they all just seem to pick a random family
>members' name of either gender for anyone in the
>family they happen to be addressing. As for me, I've
>gotten into the habit of avoiding names wherever
>possible because I'm terrible at remembering them (a
>bad trait for a teacher), when I do remember the names
>of kids at school it is so often the name of the
>naughtiest member of the family so I call kids by the
>name of their elder, often in trouble, brother.

My uncle is a foster parent. They have 7 or 8 kids in the house most of the 
time, but kids don't always stay very long. Whenever he does this name 
forgetting thing (understandable, under the circs) he goes straight to 
"George". All kids are called George - foster kids, his own grownup sons, 
his grandchildren, my daughter... They find it hilarious, especially the 
girls. And no, there isn't a George in the family.

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