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> Deborah said...
> > On Tue, 2 Dec 2003, Robyn Starkey wrote:
> >
> > |Okay, so I got a little education this past
> couple of days, because I had
> > |no idea what Steam Punk was. I feel very iggy.
> Now I want to know if any
> of
> > |you smart dwjers have read any good Steam Punk?
> Recommendations?
> >
> >  . I've not yet read it, but boyfriend recs China
> Mieville's _Perdido
> >  Street Station_ as dark adult steampunk.
> I weigh in on the other side to say that I thought
> that book was terrible!
> I found the writing highly self-conscious; it seemed
> always to be saying
> "look, look, isn't this sentence beautiful, isn't
> this phrasing elegant?"
> It felt like it was trying to be Barbara Hambly (a
> writer whose work I
> admire for many things, only one of which is her
> beautiful phrasings) but
> not quite getting there.  I also found myself unable
> to engage with any of
> the characters, which is probably what killed it
> dead for me; I'll forgive a
> lot of other faults if I can care about a character.
>  In this one, I
> couldn't.  I gave up about 150 pages in.  (However,
> many of my friends loved
> it, engaged totally with the characters, and don't
> see what my problem is.
> ::shrug::  Try it and see.)
I'll put myself on the side of those who liked Perdido
Street Station, and thought The Scar even better,
indeed I'd put them amoung the best books I've read
this year (mind you it hasn't been a good year for
books), a category that also inludes another steampunk
fantasy - Tad Williams "War of the Flowers" - anyone
else read that?
btw - the only other "best" books this year that I can
recall are Merlin Conspiracy and HP5 - althougn I'll
probably think of some others soon.


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