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Fri Dec 5 14:00:44 EST 2003

Hallie said...
> >
> >Oh, so true!  I'm still boggling at the chick-lit novel Hallie gave me,
> >which the heroine somehow managed to cross the Atlantic in a 737, which
> >ought by rights to have run out of fuel and crashed about halfway (and,
> >it had done what it ought, would have shortened the book by about 200
> >and made this reader, at least, very happy).
> <whimpers> You need to mention that Hallie gave you the book to
> dispose of, *not* to read, as it was signed and so couldn't be
> disposed of around here. :)  (I had to buy the book as I was at the
> book-launch, and don't think I came close to finishing it.)

This is true.  Hallie does not, to my knowledge, read chick-lit for
pleasure.  The offending book, by the way, is now in Tenerife; having read
it with the kind of attention one gives to a car crash, I passed it on to my
mother-in-law, who took it on her holidays with her and left it there.
> >  I assumed at the time that the
> >(Irish) publisher only had one copyeditor, and he/she was occupied on
> >another (more prestigious author's) book at the time.
> And now said author would be the 'more prestigious' in most
> comparisons, I'd bet, being on her third bestseller.

Dunno about that; Patricia Scanlan has more bestsellers than that under her
belt, has not stopped writing (AFAIK), and is a much better writer.

> However, I
> won't knock her, as she got Dorian, Cara and me free into DWJ's talk,
> saving us - what? well over 100 quid each? In other words, allowing
> us to go.

Oh, indeed.  Much gratitude there.  And after all, her writing may have
improved with practice.  This often happens.
> And if anyone wants pain, I'll inflict an Irish chick-lit book on
> him/her/them which (from the 3 or so pages I read, at least) will
> make the one Dorian describes seem like the height of literary
> fiction!  (Bought at Oxfam in a very feeble-minded moment, for
> BookCrossing.)

The mind boggles!  I think you'd better lend it to me!

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
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"[My rule] for keeping my temper in order, is never to leave it too long
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- Horace Walpole

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