(need for) Another topic

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Dec 5 10:30:04 EST 2003


>Not being fans of cacky wood-grain effect paint, we decided to strip the
>shit off the fireplace, fully expecting to repaint it in some more palatable
>mode.  Hallie was there when Patrick decided the Nitromors had had enough
>time to work, and took a scraper to the mantelpiece, and can thus attest to
>his stunned expression as he said, "I think this is marble!"

Oh yes, in fact he was so stunned *I* was the one who touched it, and 
confirmed it was definitely not fake marble.  And we all looked at 
each other with a wild surmise (I'm sure I could get in a pun about 
Darien and Dorian there, but don't feel quite up to it) - not so 
silent though.  There was a fair amount of quite justifiable language 
of colour flying around.  :)


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