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Otter Perry ottertee at
Fri Dec 5 10:06:16 EST 2003

On Thursday, December 4, 2003, at 06:17 PM, Sally Odgers wrote:

>> Are there other examples, not counting ones about hermaphrodytes or or
>> transsexuals
> Well, obviously, these people are "SHe". That's inclusive of She and 
> He.

Well, no.  They're not.  Sorry to weigh in on this with a heavy hand, 
many transsexuals are perfectly clear on what gender they are, even if 
that does
not match the physical equipment with which they were born.  [The
more inclusive term, which includes those who have not had any
surgery, is 'transgendered'.]

The term now used [in the USofA, at any rate] for those folk who used
to be called 'hermaphrodytes' is 'intersexed'.  The intersexed also
frequently are clear on what gender they are, even if their physical
equipment is anomalous.

Now there are also many people who do not consider themselves
to be either gender.  Some of the transgendered and some of the
intersexed consider themselves both.  Or neither.  Or whatever.

In any case, 'SHe' is not the appropriate pronoun.

I think you were just making a rather witty joke, but I know too many
trnasgendered and intersexed people ....

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