Confusing idendities (was: It's a Baby!)

Abe Gross argross at
Fri Dec 5 03:48:43 EST 2003

> and then Emma said:
> > I know an even weirder one. I work with a woman called Jocelyn
> > (usually "Jos")

I was wondering if Jos is pronounced Joz or Joss? I ask because of my own
experience of misunderstandings of my name.

Ros (pronounced exactly the same as Roz) is short for Roslyn, as it often is
in Australia, but I've often found over the years on the internet that
often, Americans will misunderstand if I only give my name as Ros, which
they themselves seem to mainly spell Roz. They've often assumed Ros is the
same as Ross, and that I'm therefore a man, which tends to annoy me. :-) So
it seems that they pronounce that 's' at the end as 'ss'--I'm assuming so,
anyway--whereas we definitely say it as 'z', as also in Les, for example.

Ros, not Ross! :-)

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