It's a Baby! (was Re: Another topic)

deborah deborah at
Thu Dec 4 22:20:37 EST 2003

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Kyra Jucovy wrote:
|My mother has a lot of trouble telling apart my brother and the dog, at
|least in terms of their names.  This is especially funny because we call
|the dog Nappy (his full name is Napoleon), so it's not even something
|that you would call a human being.  She also once informed us that she was
|taking Walky for a nap.

"We called the *dog* Indiana!"

Always remember to demand more of yourself than anyone else.  Otherwise you
become merely a tiresome rebellious young girl who wants that the whole
world should change to suit her whim.  The world is full of such as these;
most of them grow up at last, but they are not particularly admirable,
enfin.  They are against everything, for nothing. -- _Jade_

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