Confusing idendities (was: It's a Baby!)

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at
Thu Dec 4 22:18:37 EST 2003

Deborah said:
> >
> > Actually, this is the weirdest one.  I have several friends named
> > "Rebecca" who go by a variety of nicknames.  Only two of them go by
> > "Rebecca".  For a variety of reasons, I call one of the
> > Rebeccas "Colorwheel".  And lately, I find myself occasionally calling
> > the other Rebecca "Colorwheel".  Some slot in my brain has decided that
> > "Colorwheel" is another way to say "Rebecca".  Very strange.

and then Emma said:

> I know an even weirder one. I work with a woman called Jocelyn
> (usually "Jos") but she says
> that at a few different, unrelated places in her life she has
> been called Bronwyn instead. And
> she's had two different surnames so that can't be misleading
> people either! Very strange to
> have people assume you are really called something quite
> different to your real name. Maybe
> it's the "yn" at the end that confuses people?
> --

Every now and again I meet someone who insists on calling me Margaret. Never
any other name, always Margaret. Either I look like a Margaret (it was my
mother's name, and there is a family resemblance, I'm told), or there is
something in some people's minds which makes them associate Elizabeth with
Margaret. I might have thought they were devotees of Elsie J. Oxenham except
some of them have been men in their 60s whom I wouldn't have expected to be
reading EJO. (There again, I might be making unwarranted assumptions of my

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