It's a Baby! (was Re: Another topic)

Emma Comerford emmaco at
Thu Dec 4 21:59:55 EST 2003

Quoting deborah <deborah at>:
> Actually, this is the weirdest one.  I have several friends named
> "Rebecca" who go by a variety of nicknames.  Only two of them go by
> "Rebecca".  For a variety of reasons, I call one of the
> Rebeccas "Colorwheel".  And lately, I find myself occasionally calling
> the other Rebecca "Colorwheel".  Some slot in my brain has decided that
> "Colorwheel" is another way to say "Rebecca".  Very strange.

I know an even weirder one. I work with a woman called Jocelyn (usually "Jos") but she says 
that at a few different, unrelated places in her life she has been called Bronwyn instead. And 
she's had two different surnames so that can't be misleading people either! Very strange to 
have people assume you are really called something quite different to your real name. Maybe 
it's the "yn" at the end that confuses people?
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