Identifying with characters, with Robin Hobb Spoilers

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Thu Dec 4 18:49:19 EST 2003

Melissa said...

> Also, I think for some readers this *is* the most desired end--like it's
> whole point of reading books, and if they don't identify with a character
> they don't like the book.  Or something like that.

Me.  To an extent, anyway.  It's very hard for me to like/get into a book if
I can't care about a character (preferably, but not necessarily, the main
character).  If the characters are all (to me) unsympathetic, then the
author has to be doing something spectacular in the way of plot, writing
style or setting to keep me reading.  I will read a book that I otherwise
hate if the setting is done well, I have to admit.  I like looking at other
societies.  "Brave New World" is an excellent example here; the characters
all drive me up the walls and the writing is pedestrian, but I'll read it
for the exploration of the society.

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