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>> It's possible to write a whole book and never once give any clue as to
> whether the protagonist is a girl-child or a boy-child.  How long was it
> before any other list-member noticed that Kay might be either, in *Yes,
> Dear*?  Took me right through the proofs and being Chuckled At before I
> grasped it, and I had been hinted to that I ought to be looking out for
> something a bit unusual about this book.  (So of course I was looking for
> the wrong sort of "something", that's my excuse.)
> Are there other examples, not counting ones about hermaphrodytes or or
> transsexuals?  It can cause very great confusion in books with
> cross-dressing -- thinking of the opening chapter of Georgette Heyer's *The
> Masqueraders*, in which what look like the wrong pronouns start to be used
> all of a sudden.

After reading the book Deborah mentioned, I became very suspicious and started never 
assuming gender in a book. I think Megan Whalen Turner's "The Thief" doesn't make it clear 
forthe first chunk of the book (but haven't re-read it for a while).
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