Identity criseses? #2 (was Re: dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #758)

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Thu Dec 4 18:12:50 EST 2003

Someone my machine insists on calling DÈesse wrote:

>I have heard him say that Nanny Ogg is named Gytha after another witch
>he knows, but that this woman is not like Nanny apart from being a
>witch called Gytha (it's Old English for Gift). She's rather annoyed
>with him about it because people get the idea that she must be motherly
>and she isn't at all.

Thank you!

No, Gytha isn't motherly....  She has been known to wear a badge that says:
"I'm not a trained killer, I just command trained killers."  I have never
felt inclined to test the truth of this statement.  :-)  Our Tel is a brave
man if he didn't consult her before borrowing her name for a fictional
character.  She might have turned him into a frog.

She and Sue were two of the Three Weird Sisters of Filk back in the
eighties -- and the third one isn't motherly either, she's a techie with a
warped sense of humour and a fabulous singing voice.


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