Identity criseses?

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Thu Dec 4 18:12:49 EST 2003

Otter wrote:

>On Thursday, December 4, 2003, at 09:55 AM, minnow at wrote:
>> Not being a Pratchett fan, nor having read them for -- well, since one
>> came
>> out and I decided I wasn't going to bother to buy any more, around
>> *Mort*
>> or thenabouts,
>I'm sure I'm not the first person who's told you that you gave up about
>two books too soon.

You aren't.  One determined person gave me each new one as it came out in
hardback for some years, but I found I simply didn't read them and remember
them afterwards.  Eventually I gave them to a lad who is a severe Pratchett
fan and very poor, and found having the hardbacks a boon because they
didn't come apart so quickly as his paperbacks had.  I just checked and
there don't seem to be any left in the house at all, so I can't exactly
check any to see if I recognise a character or not.

Somebody once said that one of them, I think it was called *Pyramids*,
anyway it had a camel in it, owed a lot to a DWJ book of a couple of years
earlier, but I didn't happen to have a copy at the time to check that,
either.  Does anyone on the list have any feeling that this might have been
so?  And if so, which DWJ?


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