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Thu Dec 4 15:19:52 EST 2003

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, A J Liddle wrote:

|> Deborah wrote:
|>> I've been told that as a very young child, I once, when called by the
|>> wrong name, protested quite seriously to my father, "No! My name is
|>> I-mean-Debbie!" As in "Linda I-mean-Debbie" or "Michelle
|>> I-mean-Debbie".
|Minnow wrote
|> I was summoned for many years with "Max - Mar - Rupe - dashit[myname]"
|> by
|> my mother. My two *brothers* were Max and Martin; Rupert was the
|> *dog*!
| I have spent my life being called "Maureen Margaret Monica Moira Amanda" by
|my Nana who seems to feel the need to go through several of her children and
|nieces who have the "m" sound somewhere in their name. Now that I have my
|own daughter I am invariably called An-Amanda by everyone in the family
|while she is called Aman-Anna. Sheesh.....!

Actually, this is the weirdest one.  I have several friends named
"Rebecca" who go by a variety of nicknames.  Only two of them go by
"Rebecca".  For a variety of reasons, I call one of the
Rebeccas "Colorwheel".  And lately, I find myself occasionally calling
the other Rebecca "Colorwheel".  Some slot in my brain has decided that
"Colorwheel" is another way to say "Rebecca".  Very strange.

Can the gods catch flu?  I think I may have given it to all of them.
					-- chrestomanci

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