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> I plead guilty to doing this with my own children, I'm afraid. I'm not 
> really confused, but my tongue lets me down sometimes in moments of 
> crisis (i.e. most of the time). I've felt bad about it ever since I 
> realised it put me in the same category as the father in *Time of the 
> Ghost*, but it's a hard habit to break!
> Charlie

It's a Slot Problem.  Our brains have some Slots.  For instance, there 
is the Dog Name
Slot.  You need to call the dog and you use whatever happens to be in 
the Dog Name
Slot at the time, which can be the name of any dog you've ever owned or 
lived with.  Or
the kids.  Or whatever.

Same with the Kid Slot.  And the Cat Slot.   A very serious problem is 
the Spouse Slot,
if you've had more than one.  Subsequent spice do not tend to 
appreciate being
called by the names of previous spice.  My brother perpetrated this at 
his second
wedding reception.  They're still married, though.

A similar problem is the Foreign Word Problem.  I never have access to 
so much of
the vocabulary of various languages I have been taught as when I am 
trying to learn
a new one.  I try to say something in Spanish, say, and all my French 
and Russian
vocabulary just flows into my mind.  _Not_ helpful.

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