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Thu Dec 4 12:33:00 EST 2003

Deborah wrote:
> >I've been told that as a very young child, I once, when called by the
> >wrong name, protested quite seriously to my father, "No! My name is
> >I-mean-Debbie!" As in "Linda I-mean-Debbie" or "Michelle
> >I-mean-Debbie".
> I was summoned for many years with "Max - Mar - Rupe - dashit[myname]" by
> my mother. My two *brothers* were Max and Martin; Rupert was the *dog*!

I plead guilty to doing this with my own children, I'm afraid. I'm not really confused, but my tongue lets me down sometimes in moments of crisis (i.e. most of the time). I've felt bad about it ever since I realised it put me in the same category as the father in *Time of the Ghost*, but it's a hard habit to break!
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