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My brother's name is Eric, so I respond to his name as well as "Er . .  
. Ian".

I also respond to "Ann" (my mother's older sister and a name she calls  
me quite often - which I take as a compliment) and "Mark" (my partner's  

Of course, when my partner and I start calling each other by our  
parents' names we know we're in trouble as we've unofficially assigned  
a negative character trait of each of our four parents to each of the  
names . . .


On Thursday, December 4, 2003, at 09:53  AM, minnow at wrote:

> Deborah wrote:
>> I've been told that as a very young child, I once, when called by the
>> wrong name, protested  quite seriously to my father, "No!  My name is
>> I-mean-Debbie!"  As in "Linda I-mean-Debbie" or "Michelle
>> I-mean-Debbie".
> I was summoned for many years with "Max - Mar - Rupe - dashit[myname]"  
> by
> my mother.  My two *brothers* were Max and Martin; Rupert was the  
> *dog*!
>> -deborah, youngest of three girls, who will kick you in the shins if  
>> you
>> call her "Debbie"
> Minnow, youngest of three but a different sex from the other two and  
> you'd
> think a mother ought to be able to tell one of her children is a girl.
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