Identity criseses?

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Thu Dec 4 11:55:34 EST 2003

Otter asked:

>On Wednesday, December 3, 2003, at 04:41 PM, minnow at wrote:
>> Now I wonder: does the lady on whom Zinka is
>> based identify with Zinka?  Memo to self, ask
>> her when the chance arises...  also ask her
>> whether she identifies with the Pratchett
>> character also based on her.  Would that lead
>> to an identity *crisis*, if both?  Hmmmmm
>Who is the Pratchett character based on her?

Not being a Pratchett fan, nor having read them for -- well, since one came
out and I decided I wasn't going to bother to buy any more, around *Mort*
or thenabouts, I can't remember the names, but one of his witches was
greeted at the time she occurred at SF fandom in Britain as being based on
Sue and another on her and one other member of fandom, and both they and he
agreed that was right.  I got confused because he took the *name* of the
other fan and gave it to one of the witches, but swore blind the character
of that name was not based on the fan of the same name, but on Sue Mason
really.  Something along those lines anyway.  It was in a convention bar...

I may be seeing Sue on Saturday if she comes to a party I hope to be going
to in London, so I shall ask her if I do and if she does and if I remember.
Sorry to be a bit vague about this, but it wasn't something I was paying a
lot of attention to at the time, because I couldn't remember which witch
was which and in which book in the first place!


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