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On Wed, 3 Dec 2003 jenne at fiedlerfamily.net wrote:

|> >I generally need *someone* with whom to identify or sympathise, or the
|> >book is a spiky, unpleasant experience.
|What an excellent description of the effect! I plowed through Marion
|Zimmer Bradley's [blanking on title- something about Avalon-- the
|Arthurian one] with extreme effort, because I found by 1/3 of the way
|through that I disliked everyone in the book, and felt that most of them--
|especially the pagan priestesses one was supposed to admire-- might have
|been better drowned at birth.

I need someone to like, at least.  Spiky is exactly how I feel about all
John Christopher books, even though I think he's an excellent writer,
because I dislike all the characters so intensely.  And -- more than the
horrid gender politics -- my extreme distaste of all Robert Jordan
characters is why I stopped reading his plodding, badly plotted books.

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