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Thu Dec 4 00:09:58 EST 2003

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
|>A lady I knew (she was Mayor of Totnes and is therefore on my mind just at
|>this moment) decided at one point that her three children were really
|>called "Somebody", "Anybody" and "Everybody", because when she said "could
|>somebody help lay the table?" (say) the eldest would always do it, when she
|>said "Can anybody find the forks?" the youngest would, and if she said
|>"Will everybody clear the table for supper, *now*!" then the middle child
|>sometimes would as well...
|I wish my life were that easy.  I'm lucky if the children respond to their
|given names without me tacking on middle and surname as well, delivered in a
|loud carrying theater voice.

I've been told that as a very young child, I once, when called by the
wrong name, protested  quite seriously to my father, "No!  My name is
I-mean-Debbie!"  As in "Linda I-mean-Debbie" or "Michelle

-deborah, youngest of three girls, who will kick you in the shins if you
call her "Debbie"

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