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Wed Dec 3 18:41:30 EST 2003

Emma wrote:

>My pet peeve at the moment is having neighbours that buy houses with trees
>and then cut
>them down so they're just like the hundreds of other houses they could
>have bought without
>trees. One neighbour bought a bushy block, cut down some beautifuk old
>gums (they didn't like
>the leaves being dropped) and then sold the house altogether to move
>somewhere with "lots
>of lawn and no trees". Why couldn't they decide on this *before* cutting
>the trees down? And
>who wouldn't notice that every bush block in our area is covered with
>leaves rather than law?
>Sigh. And another new neighbour has become convinced of the evils of
>mature trees and looks
>set to do the same.

This is what has happened in this road.  We moved here *because* there were
trees, among other reasons.  We didn't realise that as each house changed
hands, the new owner would cut down the trees.  We also didn't think
(because it's listed buildings) that the front walls of the front gardens
were not listed, so as each new owner gets going, it (use of word
deliberate) pulls down the front wall, paves over the front lawn, and thus
reserves a parking space for its car 24/7 and prevents anyone else from
parking in that bit of the road.


A tree takes fifty years to grow, and about fifty minutes to cut down.  You
can't change your mind and put it back how it was afterwards.  The man who
was living next door until recently had lived in that house for 92 years,
and the trees were his friends because he had chosen them and planted them
and liked to have a back garden full of small birds who nested in them; his
son doesn't feel that way about them, alas.

Still-grieving Minnow

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