Identifying with characters, which dwj characters do you identify with

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Wed Dec 3 18:41:28 EST 2003

Ven wrote

>Some of the Dwj characters I have most
>> with are Cat Chant (less so with Christopher)
>> Jamie from Homeward Bounders (and Helen and
>> Joris)
>> Polly, Maree, Sirius (rather than Kathleen)
>> Paolo Montana, Nan, Moril, Tanaqui and  Mitt.
>Melissa mentioned Roddy, how about the rest of
>you, which characters do you identify with?

The Hotel Liaison Person in *Deep Secret*!

Generally, two things.  I don't identify with
any one character in every aspect of that
person, as a rule, and I'd say that "identify
with" is generally too strong a phrase, or not
the right one, or something, for what I do.

"Aspire to behave in the way that X would" is
closer to it, for me.  Or "wish not to behave
as Y does", equally.

The exception is Titty in the Swallows and
Amazons books, with whom as a child I did
identify, even to the extreme of reading the
whole unabridged *Robinson Crusoe* at age 9
because if she thought it was wonderful, I
was certain to.  But she isn't DWJ, and isn't
an answer to your specific question.  Nor is
Lucy, in Narnia, who was the other character
in a book with whom I felt such deep sympathy
as almost to amount to a feeling of affinity.

Now I wonder: does the lady on whom Zinka is
based identify with Zinka?  Memo to self, ask
her when the chance arises...  also ask her
whether she identifies with the Pratchett
character also based on her.  Would that lead
to an identity *crisis*, if both?  Hmmmmm


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