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Helen Schinske wrote:

>In a message dated 12/2/03 12:01:04 PM Central Standard Time, Melissa writes:
>> Here's a story for you.  My neighbors across the street have magnificent
>> trees.
>I *knew*, as soon as I read this first sentence, that the rest of your story
>was going to be a whole lot like Tolkien's anecdote about his neighbor's tree
>in the introduction to _Leaf by Niggle_. Anyone else get that feeling?

No, because I haven't read _Leaf by Niggle_; but in his edited letters
there is an account, to his aunt, of a tree in his road being threatened by
a neighbour who claimed that it blocked the sun from her house (it stood
due east of her house) and she was afraid it would land on her house if
there was a high wind (it was three times as far from her house as its
height).  I think I may go and re-read that; as I recall he was on the side
of the tree, in no uncertain terms!  Thank you for reminding me.

In fact thank you to everyone who has sympathised, and especially for the
words "murdering their trees", Melissa.  It's how I feel about it, and it
sounds very melodramatic when I say it, but it *does* feel that way.

I hope the one opposite will grow again (though pollarding is a skilled
art, and doesn't just mean "hacking off in a horizontal line with a
chainsaw"); but it will never again have the shape that it grew to when it
hadn't been mangled.  One side remains, because that bit is over the garden
next door to the newcomers who hired the thug to get rid of the tree before
it dropped nasty untidy leaves on their car; and the people in whose garden
*that* branch is refused to let the thug onto their front path, bless them!
-- but I have a feeling that may make matters worse, in a way, because it's
all now going to be so lopsided.  Lop being the operative word.  Ay mi.

But thank you to the comforters.  I do appreciate it, truly.


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