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Wed Dec 3 13:32:16 EST 2003

Jennifer wrote:
>Tim Powers (Anubis Gate, etc) is recommended a lot- I tried a couple and 
>thought they were quite good but not my taste.

Just what I was thinking.  I have tried Anubis Gate a couple of times, but I 
haven't been able to get through it, yet.  On the other hand, I was 
completely fascinated with The Stress of Her Regard.  Reading it, I truly 
had no idea what would come next, and I kept being surprised by Powers' 
amazing use, transformation and weaving of source materials.  It concerns 
the Romantic poets, but it draws on all sorts of mythological ideas.

Just last week I read The Grand Ellipse by Paula Volsky.  I would definitely 
call that one steampunk.  I found it an enjoyable read.  I'm not as sure if 
her other books would also be considered steampunk, although the two I've 
read are also set in the same universe as The Grand Ellipse.  Illusion was 
an alt-universe French Revolution tale. And I'm forgetting the name of the 
other one - but it concerned alt-universe Russian necromancers.  It was most 
bracing stuff.


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