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Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Dec 3 04:32:14 EST 2003

> I can give you another author who uses "it" in this way: C.S. Lewis. "At
> the name of Aslan each of the children felt something jump in its inside."
> (*The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe*, chapter 7, "A Day With the
> Beavers", I opened the book at random.)

Thanks for the example, Minnow - I should have remembered that. Mind you,
the Narnia books are so steeped in Nesbit's influence that I'm not sure he
counts as an independent witness!

Sally and Sarah both disliked the use of 'they/their/them' as a
gender-neutral singular pronoun. I disagree, but this is one of my
hobby-horses and I've been riding it just recently on another list, so I'll
refrain on this occasion. However, in that other discussion I was pointed to
an interesting article on the history of this usage, and of the objections
to it: For interest, as
they say.


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