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On Tue, 2 Dec 2003, Robyn Starkey wrote:

|Okay, so I got a little education this past couple of days, because I had
|no idea what Steam Punk was. I feel very iggy. Now I want to know if any of
|you smart dwjers have read any good Steam Punk? Recommendations?

 . I've not yet read it, but boyfriend recs China Mieville's _Perdido
 Street Station_ as dark adult steampunk.

 . Diane Duane's second cat wizard book has some steampunk elements, but
 it's kinda bad.

 . The graphic novel _League of Extraordinary Gentlemen_, by Alan Moore.

 . The Miyazaki movie _Castle in the Sky_ (also called _Laputa, Castle
 in the Sky_, in countries where they don't speak Spanish.  Was Swift
 making the double entendre when he named his Laputa (after which
 Miyazaki's is named)?)

 . There are some Sherlock Holmes steampunky things out there but I can
 never remember their names.

 . I'm not a Gibson/Sterling fan, so I've not read _The Difference
 Engine_, but it's supposed to be steampunk.

 . The Phil Foglio comic _Girl Genius_ is steampunk, and I think it's
 very cute, but ... it's Phil Foglio.  Very girl-positive, in that "I am
 a straight male cartoonist who thinks smart chicks with breasts the
 size of Cleaveland are cool" Foglio way.  Cute, but not deep.  And it's
 moving very slowly, with 2 or 3 issues a year.

 . And, of course, the founders of the genre: H. G. Wells and Jules
 Verne.  Who I admit I've as yet skipped.  Bad illiterate deborah!

I'd love recs, too.  I adore the genre when it's not too dark for me,
and there's far too little of it.  Like faepunk/urban fantasy, of which
there is far too little for those of us who have mixed feelings about

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was the bravest thing I've ever seen."  -- Sluggy Freelance

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