Identifying with characters, which dwj characters do you identify with

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Tue Dec 2 22:10:07 EST 2003

--- Ven <vendersleighc at> wrote:
> I wrote
> Some of the Dwj characters I have most 
> identified
> > with are Cat Chant (less so with Christopher)
> > Jamie from Homeward Bounders (and Helen and
> > Joris)
> > Polly, Maree, Sirius (rather than Kathleen)
> > Paolo Montana, Nan, Moril, Tanaqui and  Mitt.
> >
> Melissa mentioned Roddy, how about the rest of
> you, which characters do you identify with?

Rupert Venables from Deep Secret for me. On the
broader topic of identifying with characters from
fiction my daughter wants us all to dress up as
characters for the Return of the King opening, which,
as she is buying the tickets and getting to the cinema
miles early to get a good seat, we may have to do -
then I realised who it had to be for me - Denethor (if
you've seen the cast list you'll know why) and thought
that in many ways he is a character I can identify
with, doomed by a love of learning, steward but never
king, a flawed person. (we'll ignore disapointed by
his children - that bit doesn't apply)

Jon Noble 

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