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Tue Dec 2 22:05:20 EST 2003

Quoting Jon Noble <jon_p_noble at yahoo.com>:

> --- minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
> > Melissa badly needed distraction,  So do I.  :-(
> >> Oh yes, do let's have something cheerful and
> > engrossing!  When we moved
> > into this house twenty-some years ago I could look
> > out of any of the
> > windows and see trees.  There were ten big beautiful
> > trees out front up the
> > road in various gardens, and the same out the back. 
> > At the moment three
> > men with chainsaws are cutting down next door's two,
> > one at the back and
> > one at the front, another at the front went a month
> > ago -- well, no, it
> > didn't entirely go, it was cut off in a horizontal
> > line ten foot from the
> > ground, and it will die slowly over the next couple
> > of years.  Only four
> > trees left, and the only one I feel sure is safe now
> > is the rowan tree in
> > our own garden.  This makes me very miserable. 
> > Cheer me up...
> I hate the needless cutting down of trees. Our council
> last year cut down a number of Casurina (a species
> non-Australian list members are unlikely to know - so
> just pretend) (they are also called sheoaks - look
> rather like a conifer with needle like "leaves" but
> are quite unrelated) trees in widening our road - we
> suspect at the instigation of the church on the corner
> so they could have more parking. These trees have been
> visited every year by the endangered Glossy Black
> Cockatoo, a bird that eats only the seeds of this
> tree, last winter after about half the trees had gone
> they didn't come. On the other hand some Australian
> councils have taken to replacing trees cut down/killed
> on public lands by people trying to "improve" their
> views with ugly billboards with messages on them about
> the importance of keeping trees. The signs remain
> until a replacemnet tree has grown.

Yeah, I read about one of a council in NSW that draped the frames of illegally poisoned trees 
with canvas - although I'm not sure how long they'll keep it there given the long period of time 
needed to regrow the lost trees.

My pet peeve at the moment is having neighbours that buy houses with trees and then but 
them down so they're just like the hundreds of other houses they could have bought without 
trees. One neighbour bought a bushy block, cut down some beautifuk old gums (they didn't like 
the leaves being dropped) and then sold the house altogether to move somewhere with "lots 
of lawn and no trees". Why couldn't they decide on this *before* cutting the trees down? And 
who wouldn't notice that every bush block in our area is covered with leaves rather than law? 
Sigh. And another new neighbour has become convinced of the evils of mature trees and looks 
set to do the same.

Better get back to work :)

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