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> The it/she/he question is another can of worms. If the entity has a gender,
> one can happily use 'he' or 'she' as appropriate. If not, but it's still
> self-conscious, we find ourselves staring into a grammatical abyss where an
> English pronoun ought to be. 'It' can seem faintly derogatory, 'he' and
> 'she' too restrictive (and arguably sexist to boot). It's tricky.

Yes. Which reminds me, it took me some twenty-five or thirty years to figure 
out that the Psammead in _Five Children and It_ is NOT CALLED HE ("she" never 
occurred to me). Not ever. It is an it. Dang, Nesbit only hits you over the 
head with the fact in the title and all. I'm slow sometimes.

Helen Schinske, wondering how Psammeads reproduce (with logs, even 
sammy-adders can multiply?)
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