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minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Dec 2 09:21:32 EST 2003

Melissa badly needed distraction,  So do I.  :-(

>>>I'm procrastinating doing the finances.  I don't suppose anyone wants to
>>>start a long and complicated discussion, eh?
>>I'm procrastinating about marking. Suggest a topic.

Oh yes, do let's have something cheerful and engrossing!  When we moved
into this house twenty-some years ago I could look out of any of the
windows and see trees.  There were ten big beautiful trees out front up the
road in various gardens, and the same out the back.  At the moment three
men with chainsaws are cutting down next door's two, one at the back and
one at the front, another at the front went a month ago -- well, no, it
didn't entirely go, it was cut off in a horizontal line ten foot from the
ground, and it will die slowly over the next couple of years.  Only four
trees left, and the only one I feel sure is safe now is the rowan tree in
our own garden.  This makes me very miserable.  Cheer me up...

>I have no idea what I'm doing right now.  I spent the afternoon being
>seriously pissed off at someone who complained about an out-of-context
>remark in one of my posts (elsewhere) as being an example of the double
>standard of moderating that is plaguing the list.  The guy is constantly on
>about people who are allowed to say "offensive" things and why can't he ever
>respond, etc.  In my case...well, he's just clearly nuts, that's all.  But I
>still wanted to use him for howitzer practice.  I have anger issues.  :)

Maybe the difference between the sin of anger and the proper behaviour
known as "righteous wrath" is what you need to get clear for yourself?
I''d've thought that in the case you describe what you're feeling isn't
naughty peeve but justified fury, so *you* don't have to have an issue with
it, you can just let yourself feel Grrrrrrrrrrr and know that you're
entitled to.

My mother used to keep all the cracked china for such times.  Then when we
were seething about something or someone we could do nothing to improve,
she'd hand us a hammer and a cracked plate and tell us to go and smash it
into the dustbin really thoroughly for her so she wouldn't be tempted to
use it ever again.  It was surprisingly satisfactory, a bit of licensed
distruction like that.  With just a tiny bit of guilty "I shouldn't enjoy
this" thrown in.  :-)  I'm sure that's why those stalls at fairs where you
throw wooden balls at nasty china just to break it don't have to give
prizes, the prize you get from them is a release of tension.

Unfortunately since what I am mourning is destruction, more destruction
doesn't really help me right now.  :-(  But it might make *you* feel better
to pretend an old plate is the twerpie's head!


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