Another topic (was Re: Identifying with characters)

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Dec 2 06:14:46 EST 2003

> If the entity has a gender,
> one can happily use 'he' or 'she' as appropriate. If not, but it's still
> self-conscious, we find ourselves staring into a grammatical abyss where
> English pronoun ought to be. 'It' can seem faintly derogatory, 'he' and
> 'she' too restrictive (and arguably sexist to boot). It's tricky.

Some things that have no obvious gender can still be definite "she"s or
"he"s. Look at ships. And some people know if their car is a he or a she.

If the personality *seems* male, then I'd go for "he".


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