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> > angles. (Momentary sidetrack: I would love her to write a sequel to
> > Archer's Goon, all about Awful getting powers.)
>There's no reason for Awful to have powers, is there? She's not a blood
>sister to Howard/Venturous. Or does the trace of inheritance (I think...
>while since I read it) in her natural parents reinforce the chance?

I just reread the book recently, so that's why I thought of it. Hathaway 
makes it quite clear that both of Howard's adoptive parents are descendants 
of his. There is a link made between the geas placed on all Howard's 
siblings to look after him and his parents adopting him *twice*. Also, when 
Awful walks up the stairs to the future, Howard sees a strong resemblance 
between her and Shine. Later he says something about needing to help raise 
her so she doesn't come out like the bad siblings. All these things made me 
think there was a strong possibility Awful will get some powers.

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