Teaching books (was Re: Pratchett)

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 1 19:10:53 EST 2003

>I know, I know...and I know it's slightly hypocritical of me too...but it is
>so hard to sit back quietly and just let them choose.  Part of this is that
>Teleri will also pick the *first* option she comes to and not be willing to
>sort through all the possibilities first.  That just seems so wrong to me.
>Anyway, I don't ban such things completely, but it's tempting.

My mother banned me from reading books where she knew that divorced parents 
got back together -- specifically Lotte and Lisa and the LM Montgomery one 
(see, I can't remember the title because I wasn't allowed to read it). It 
was a kind of stupid ban, because it didn't prevent me from knowing about 
the idea, but I never really considered it as being something to fantasize 

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