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On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 16:28:58 -0500, meparks at mtholyoke.edu wrote:

>Quoting Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at Proffitt.com>:
>> My biggest problem is keeping her under the illusion that her mom knows
>> best.  I have to limit the number of crap books she brings home from the
>> library--even though the books she *loves* are the good ones, she still
>> likes Pokemon novelizations.  Twerp.
>Y'know, on one hand, I completely understand why you would want to point her 
>away from such books, but on the other. . . the older I get, the more I 
>appreciate the fact that I read _so_ many Babysitters Club Books.  I think I 
>devoured the first sixty or so before I outgrew them, and while on some 
>occasions I have regretted the amount of time that took away from me reading 
>other, better things, I think that overall it was worth it.  I was also a child 
>with ADD who loved books, and I would say that the formulaic nature of those 
>books gave me something to hold on to, and taught me something about the way 
>that writing fits together.  I would not call them works of genius or anything 
>approaching that, but they did help me develop a certain structure for reading 
>that I quite needed.  I also think that they helped me be a better writer 
>(though if I had read nothing else I am sure I would be quite dire), simply 
>because they helped me understand the very very basic structure of easily 
>readable writing.

I know, I know...and I know it's slightly hypocritical of me too...but it is
so hard to sit back quietly and just let them choose.  Part of this is that
Teleri will also pick the *first* option she comes to and not be willing to
sort through all the possibilities first.  That just seems so wrong to me.

Anyway, I don't ban such things completely, but it's tempting.

Melissa Proffitt

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