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Ian W. Riddell iwr1 at psu.edu
Fri Aug 29 15:11:07 EDT 2003

I just returned from the book store where I purchased the most 
fabulous little book, which I thought some of you might be interested 

Schott's Original Miscellany by Ben Schott
US ISBN 1582343497

If you like trivia or do a lot of crosswords or just like to know 
stuff, this is the book for you. I imagine you could find all of this 
information in an almanac, but this is much more artfully created and 

Some examples of topics:
Degrees of Freemasonry
Knights of the Round Table
Metric prefixes
English Monarchs
American Presidents (and their birth signs and  other info)
The order of service for Princess Diana's funeral
How to tie a bow tie
The Scoville Scale (how hot is a jalapeno pepper anyway?)
and lots, lots more

Anyhoo, I'm loving it, so I thought I'd pass it on . . .

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