Spelling with a c or an s (was Re: A College of Magics)

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Fri Aug 29 14:27:45 EDT 2003

Robyn replied to my

>>supersede and consensus is to remember that they come from Latin, or else
>>simply to memorise the brutes.
>I occasionally used to try this line about the Latin to help my composition
>students with spelling, but have stopped since many of them give me the
>Look. You know, the "what's Latin?" Look.

Next up, there's trying to point out why "and etc" is silly, or "the hoi
polloi" -- or come to that, "my PIN number".  :-)  It isn't just the
classical languages that make people come all over redundant.

>>I would draw a distinction between
>>"to understand fully" and "fully to understand", on account of as how they
>>are not quite the same thing...)
>This is exactly the point. I would argue, that there is a clear difference
>in meaning between the Star Trek classic "to boldly go" and the more
>'correct' "to go boldly".

Yup.  And a difference again from "boldly to go".

I am reminded of a thirteen-year-old lass at a writer's workshop who
remarked that her father (a well-known author) wouldn't recognise nuance if
it sidled up to him and stroked him very gently on the knee...


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